Shirt Decorating

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It is best to inquire in person so you can properly be educated on the many options, so the proper product and best pricing can be determined for your idea, event, budget, timeline and desired outcome. So don't search alone with the internet, Sandy is here to help. 

Please don't waste time with multiple online sources and hestially buy a product. This time could have been well utilized with the professional that could give you the pros and cons and the decorative method. Many times people bring me products only to learn we cannot bring their idea to reality because of product does not lend itself to the desired decoration method.

Decal options

We have many sources for premade decals and we can make custom decals. We encourage you to come in to be educated on the many options.

Custom Requests Available

Are you a designer? Make your design into a DECAl. Call for quanities and pricing. Or feed us your ideas and we can provide mock up.

Other Decal Options:

Check out DECAL options at //