Custom Framing

Custom Matting

Custom Framing is completed onsite at 1280 Sheridan Ave in Cody, Wyoming

The process of custom framing just means your art will get a one of a kind finished product with an appropirated sized mat to meet your needs and finished with a frame that you choose from over 2,000 moulding samples on display.

Treasured Memories partners with a wide selection of frame moulding vendors such as Larsen Juhl • Montana Moulding • Neilson • Roma • Rustic Creation • Studio • and more.

With over 37 years in the photo industry and framing services, we have cultivated on our customers' trust and loyalty by providing framing services that fit their preferred styles. As we value life’s precious moments, we make sure that our products matter in aesthetics just as memories and milestones are worth keeping special.

Get creative with custom shadow boxes to display dimensional art like Sports Jerseys • Collectible Memorabilia • Military Metals and Photos • Ticket Stubs

Custom Frame Process

Then the frame will be sized perfectly for your project with over 2,000 styles and colors to choose from. The customer will be offered a variety of glass, mounting and if desired complimentary mat will be chosen. Dan will computer design the mat and cut a beveled opening onsite. Multiple openings are no problem. 

Everything is made to order. Though it can take several weeks to get your finished product, know that personal care is used to make a product your will enjoy for a lifetime. In addition, every effort is made to reduce costs and maximize shipping fees to keep the cost as low as possible.  Don't be fooled by big box stores claims of savingsand coupons, our customers have told us about their price comparisons that held inflated list prices, hidden fees, lacking selection and poor quality.

Dan will educate you on the services, options and pricing. Ultimately it is your decision and budget that will make the final section. Each project is entered in our computer to quickly caculate and compare pricing. Your framing history is stored so we can refer to previous selections to match art work. And your happiness is guaranteed.

Ready Made Frames

If your under a tight schedule and prefer to buy on-the-go, we have available ready-made frames in the shop for quick it. We are committed to providing you and our clients with the best frames and our ready-made frames are as aesthetically pleasing as with our customized mouldings.


Framing supplies and education for the do it yourselfer is available as well. If you are working on a project and just need a mat or glass, or maybe you need help securing the art to the frame, we are happy to educate and help you.